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Iris Bonet is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Jacksonville, Fl.  Having grown up with the sound of 90s R&B, her music is infused with the essence of it.   She embraces nostalgia with a modern twist.  

Iris has been writing music for film, tv, and ads, and most recently has had songs on VH1 and with Google. 

She has several projects in the works and will be releasing new music over the next few months. 

Latest Release

In her latest single, “What It’s Like,” she explores looking back to a time where things were simpler.  While most of her music is light-hearted and fun, she felt it was important to acknowledge how we all may be feeling during this time in the world.


What It's Like

Iris Bonet

What It's Like is a pop r&b song that explores the feelings of nostalgia in a world where we feel lost.

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